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Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 13)

"Breakfast for Four!" Kaori and Mayumi make an offer one of their friends simply cannot refuse.

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 12)

"Welcome Back, Lucky Guy!" The best friends run into an unexpected face and contrive to make his return loads of fun!

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 11)

"Kaori and Mayumi Are Making Friends!" While celebrating their having overcome a certain difficulty, Kaori and Mayumi hit upon a can't-miss way to improve li.

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 10)

"Kaori and Mayumi Plan a Class Trip!" Feeling a little strain from every day life, best friends Kaori and Mayumi decide it's time for a vacation getaway for .

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 8)

"Kaori and Mayumi Have a Dream to Share!" When Kaori and Mayumi discover a mutual lifelong ambition, they seek erstwhile boy inventor Dave for help in realiz.

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 14)

"Clonin' Around with Science!" A technology comes to light, one both Kaori and Mayumi hope will make the world even lovelier than it was before!

Tomodachi KM! (Episode 9)

" Kaori and Mayumi take their tireless efforts to spark fun in everyone they meet into.

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 7)

"Kaori and Mayumi's Student Exchange Adventure!" Kaori and Mayumi take their fun-loving manifesto international!

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 6)

" A problem arises, but Kaori and Mayumi are ready to do their best!

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 5)

"A Pleasant Outing!" Kaori and Mayumi run into a school chum and come up with an idea to help improve their town.

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 3)

" Kaori and Mayumi come up with a generous and delicious way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Tomodachi KM!  (Episode 2)

" Two friends decide to get into the world of secondhand robotics.