Bucket of Shiba Inu puppies (x-post /r/rarepuppers)

Bucket of Shiba Inu puppies (x-post /r/rarepuppers)


This is how I feel after I eat too much and my pants suddenly feel 2 sizes too small

floating. It kind of reminds me of me in a pool:) Happy, a little chunky, and utterly content:)

LIKE if you're short. Girl Problems Always looking for that inseam Jeans


Tennis Ball Helper

Tennis Ball as a key Holder. A genius idea to DIY a functional, funny and adorable key holder with a tennis ball. See the tutorial

...got hit by a nap attack! : )

Puppy shiba inu sleeping :) while this makes me sad (why is he sleeping like that?) but despite that, it is freaking cute!