My favorite color is blue. Seen here will be art work and photographs containing the color BLUE. Some of the images in this site may images nudity.

scandalousgaijin: Hestia - Yurisa

Hmmm, this is a delicious cosplay featuring Hestia from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka. I haven’t heard about Yurisa so definitely I will try to watch her since this is a beautifully done cosplay.

Monique Bourscheid - Recherche Google

See photos of the model Monique Alice Bourscheid from Brazil on Model Management - a worldwide community for models, agencies and photographers.


Please None of the photos are mine. If you love Asian woman like I do, have fun. Will try to post every day. By the way, I'm a guy just loving Asian beauties.


Garter belts, lesbianism, brides, domination, role change and more. Sometimes I think I've had too much experiences. I was dominated until finally I dominated him.

NSFW always horny male! I am just posting things that turn me on. No pictures are mine.

「【朗報】橋本環奈さん、更に即ハメボンバー天使になられる」の画像 : キニ速

「【朗報】橋本環奈さん、更に即ハメボンバー天使になられる」の画像 : キニ速


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