Remodelación Chilevisión / Elton + Leniz, Ramírez y Rodríguez

Remodelación Chilevisión / elton_léniz + Ramírez y Rodríguez

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JAPANESEROOM & IRORI / 和室と囲炉裏 (から Mアーキテクツ株式会社)

インテリア・レイアウト実例・収納 写真

Japanese modern tea room. I'm kind of in love with that window.


茶室 tea house, where to show proper respect for nature, one must bow one's head to see out the window

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Igreja Velha Palace,© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Gallery of Igreja Velha Palace / Visioarq Aquitectos - 39

Image 38 of 49 from gallery of Igreja Velha Palace / Visioarq Aquitectos. Photograph by Fernando Guerra