Mt. Fuji, Japan (via PHOTOHITO: その他のカメラメーカーのカメラ その他のカメラで撮影した風景(吊るし雲)の写真(画像) - 写真共有サイト:フォトヒト)

Fuji, Japan: photo by harubow Why does this cloud look like a giant mammary zooming toward earth? Headline: Giant breast-asteroids headed toward earths atmosphere - Take cover!

透天海蝕洞  after some research... I'm thinking this is on or by Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan... I so would love to see in person!

Sea Caves Put me here with a pool float and a bottomless Margarita ans you'll have one happy woman!

Iceland  アイスランド

Goodnight, Iceland-Ice and Aurorae at Jökulsárlón, in southern Iceland by Derek Kind