Uchikake, Wedding Kimono. Japan.

A colorful outer kimono worn on the wedding day over the bridal furisode. It is a different choice for some brides in comparison to the white shiro uchikake.

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel’s Kimono Wedding Dress | 10 Classy Wedding Dresses Made From Japanese Kimonos

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel’s Kimono Dress. Nishitetsu Grand Hotel offers rental kimono dresses by its dedicated wedding shop Yamadaya.

kawaii kimono : yukata

Yukata are light weight cotton summer kimono. They can be easily turned into summer dresses by either removing or altering the sleeves and/or raising the hemline

Awesomeness, the kimono is a gorgeous work of art

Awesomeness, the kimono is a gorgeous work of art (Neala sez: the real tea; where's the green tea)

Kimono | Japan

Kimono - I would like to glam up dress up in one one day hopefully with my Japanese friend Natsumi :)

- モダンな着物と帯ならモダンアンテナ。着物や帯の通販サイト。

- モダンな着物と帯ならモダンアンテナ。着物や帯の通販サイト。


KIMONO ISHIGE My Mother had kimonos made for each of us in Japan. I have mine hanging in a bedroom with a bamboo pole going though it for display.