Wagasa | Japanese umbrella

Wagasa, the traditional japanese umbrella made from bamboo and washi (Japanese paper), is renowned not only for its beauty but also for the precision open/close mechanism.

autumn in Kyoto, Japan

Autumn in Kyoto, Japan. Here we have three maiko (apprentice geisha) admiring…

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Can have kids create their own version with paper, brush, and black paint. **Can write characters on kites to tie in AC inventions (?


geisha-kai: “ Okobo - high wooden shoes worn by maiko Katsuna by Gaap on Photohito as senior maiko, Katsuna is allowed to wear her okobo straps in pink ”

Kyoto Shrine Tags

From - Miyuki Nakamura Kyoto Shrine Tags A unique way of leaving memories, thoughts and feelings!

Ancient Ping Yao | HOME SWEET WORLD

Ancient City of Ping Yao, UNESCO Heritage Site - Shanxi province, China - want to go here.