Sendai 仙台, Miyagi prefecture 宮城県, Japan. Cherry Blossoms of Shouonji temple, 松音寺の桜. Copyright from pon-ko flickr feed.

milkpeu: “ “松音寺の桜 (by pon-ko) ” ” Cherry blossoms (Sakura) at a temple in Sendai, Japan - cereja Matsunetera

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku -... | NY Through the Lens - New York City Photography

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku - Japan Tokyo is a city that excels…

Small is Beautiful in a Kanazawa Garden by japantimes: The porch off the drawing room, with carp enjoying the stillness of a pool in the stream that it overlooks. Image credit: Stephen Mansfield - Gardening Take

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Japan's Nakasendo Walk

Photographer Kevin Kelly says: "The Nakasendo is an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo. It was once a major foot highway, but today small sections retain some of its historical feel.


台湾 /台中 未知なる街・・・意外と面白いじゃん♪ (台中

GoBoiano - 35 Iconic Sights You Can Only See in Kyoto

Japan - Golden Gai entertainment area in winter (photo by Petri Artturi Asikainen)

Tokyo Historic Architecture:

Tokyo Historic Architecture by Ballet Lausanne. All of the different textures of the building material here- the bamboo, the wood, the brick, the paper, the tiles of the roof… fantastic

“#一度は行ってみたい日本の絶景 こちらのお写真では「鹿島神宮」と言う場所にある 「御手洗池」と云う御池の様なのですが これは確かに行きたくなってしまう美しい光景ですねぇ(*´ `*)”

榛の字(しんのじ-Shin no Ji) on