Japanese packaging for rice PD


Shirokuma Rice Packaging by Ryuta Ishikawa. I would buy this brand of rice just for the packaging! via: Spoon & Tamago

Arepa - packaging

Arepa the PPOTD team loves great food so it's no surprise that this joins the 500 club : ) PD:

Soap stories #packaging PD

Get inspired and shop the latest make up, skincare and bath & body from & Other Stories online.

Sel de Guerande | Jacqueline Morabito

Sel de Guerande by Jacqueline Morabito This is an idea of storing your salt, pepper, sugar in the kitchen

Assortment of really cute chip #packaging : ) PD

Crunchy Time: 30+ Appetizing Examples of Chips Packaging Designs

Perry Court Farm

Air Dried Fruit Crisps: A natural & healthy snack made from local fruit, grown, picked & prepared by hand on Kentish farm Perry Court Farm (uk)

Jellybeans with feelings

Synesthesia (Student Project)


sleepyberry: “ I just got back from a blood test and will eat my favorite roll cake to get my blood sugar up again. The cake is as long as my forearm!