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ジブリ映画の舞台・美しすぎる街並みに恋する”アドリア海の真珠・ドブロヴニク”に今すぐ飛んでいきたい | by.S

Dubrovnik, Croatia The whole city is the most important tourist attraction in the country – it is in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Among many narrow and precipitous alleys, Stradun is the main street, crossing through the old town.

ここ、日本です。まさかの発泡スチロールでできたホテルが美しすぎると話題 | by.S

"Toretore-village" - Dome cottages hotel made of Polystyrene foam, Nanki-shirahama, Wakayama

Tokyo, Japan

Blue Arch on the Eitai-bashi bridge over the Sumida River--the building to see behind is the River City Tokyo, Japan

LONGEST BRIDGE IN THE WORLD: DANYANG KUNSHAN GRAND BRIDGE, CHINA. Get unique marketing ideas & expert help to increase your business in Social Media Platform, visit.......

The world’s longest sea bridge is the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, located in China. The bridge links the offshore island of Huangdao and China’s eastern port city of Qingdao. The bridge is miles long.