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Love these simple colors.Nails will be beautiful on the big day with Essie's limited-edition bridal collection filled with beautiful coral hues to complement the memorable look.

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Magnolia and flower illustration no. Kari Herer Photography, Original Signed and stamped Fine Art Photograph

Citrus Salad / Vegetarian Ventures

Citrus and Pomegranate Salad

A tart and juicy four-ingredient fruit salad to cure your winter blues. Bright citrus and the pop of pomegranate seeds make for a fun and colorful snack.

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Love serving Moscow Mule cocktails in these adorable copper mugs! They get so many compliments at parties.

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Hannah watering a house plant known as String of Pearls. House Plant: String of Pearls After featuring the home of Hannah and Joh.


wall of vines. Is this ivy run amok? No wonder it is considered a noxious invasive weed when it escapes the garden. That could take down a forest! But it sure is pretty in controlled circumstances.


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Gal Meets Glam - 2016 January 11 - Christmas Red in Maui - Location: Hawaii - travel photo inspiration