Statement salads inquire within. /

Farmhouse Pottery Handcrafted Wood Bowls by Food52

Statement salads inquire within. These statement wooden bowls in a variety of versatile sizes are each hand carved from New England ash wood and finished with a food safe teak oil.

Ceramics /

Shelves full of inspiration, row upon row of handmade ceramics will never cease to amaze us.

stoneware platter - two sizes /

Forget silver, everything looks better on a white platter!Large: StonewareMade in VietnamFair-Trade

Takenaka Chopstick Set /#kitchen #home

Anthropologie Favorites:: GIFTS for Everyone!

Terracotta Bowls /

We love cafe bowls for their chic shape and the fantasy of sitting at a bistro sipping our cafe crème. This set is bisque terra cotta on the outside with a beautiful glaze on the interior. Dimensions: tall, in diameter

gold measuring spoons - set of 4 /

A set of heavy gold teaspoons held together with a triangular clip. tsp tsp 1 tsp 1 Tbsp Made in India

Beautiful things for the kitchen /

Finding Inspiration — Trending Terra Cotta, Rouge and Mauve

6 Quart Vegetable Fermentation Jar /

6 Quart Vegetable Fermentation Jar

For a true fermented foods lover, this larger jar is excellent for making sauerkraut and kimchi, and can also be used to make lacto-fermented pickled vegetables

Oval - Sarah Kersten Studio /


Lovely oval shape, useful as a plate or a small serving platter.