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הפסקת קפה And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

Even though we are having an obscenely hot week here in Los Angeles, I am seriously ready for fall with thicker and softer fabrics that come with the season. This is my new favorite outfit for a.


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How to Ban Chapped Lips Once and For All

Nothing but water... you won't believe the results. /

The Argument for Doing Nothing to Your Skin

Finding Beauty in Weeds with Swallows & Damsons – Design*Sponge

Swallows and Damsons are a little flower shop based in Sheffield, England.

Portrait Photography by Josefina Bietti,

I like the fact that she has a nice amount of light exposing her and the fact that her hand has shadow on her face and neck. I dislike the fact her hand is in the air and that it's not actually doing anything.

Floral Portraits + Best of the Web – Design*Sponge

Floral Portraits + Best of the Web All week I’ve been watching the last leaves fall in our yard. We had our first 20 degree morning and frost has set in, so I’ve been desperately seeking alternate.