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You can print these on sticker paper to put on books, mix cd covers, notebooks, cards, anything!

TDK Metal tape - Rendez vos souvenirs durables avec

TDK MA-XG 90 “King of Cassettes” “ Hi-res scan of the coolest, heaviest ultimate cassette! Europe model) This original 1987 version is in a class of its own - with a die cast metal alloy.


60 minutes of voice, music and anything else you could think to record.

Sony audio cassette tape

Remember waiting by the radio to record your favorite song onto a cassette tape?

analog audio tape cassette nostalgia - When tapes were stereo, Maxell tried but TDK still made the best. TDK continued to make not only the best cassette tapes but the best VHS tapes well into the 21st century.

The cassette tape that was the way to enjoy music during the

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