My lovely dog, HAMPTON & Friends :o)

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Sunbathing ..;)

This is funny!taking in a day at the beach! (My yellow Lab used to lay like this all the time).

how cute is this Bull Terrier!

Breaking the cuteness scale, is this English Bull Terrier Pup! ~ What is it about these little guys? They're kind of funny looking, but, also just so darned cute!

Gimme a little kiss!

Who says dogs don’t smile? This photo is by Seth Casteel - Underwater Dog fame.

I was just told that these make great apartment dogs. I'll be buying one once I get a job

Very interesting post: Charming Dog Photos). Also dompiсt.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Dog.

豚さんとハンプトン | Wild but Elegant

豚さんとハンプトン | Wild but Elegant