Mixing all white flowers with babies breath and a small amount of delicate greenery makes a beautiful wedding bouquet.


Buy fresh cut Peonies for your Wedding or event! Wholesale Peonies are bride favorites. Bulk peony flowers are available at discount prices.


Botanical flower design with butterflies - tattoo inspiration. Minus the butterflies

Blossom type by Zero

How cool is this typography by Zero and Alice Mourou? This alphabet is constructed all by hand using natural flowers and blossoms. Take a look, it’s pretty amazing! All images by Zero and Alice Mourou

Spanish Elle magazine

Quédate de piedra

Old country roses (cabbage roses) for pink wedding . Wedding ideas for brides, grooms, parents planners . … plus how to organise an entire wedding ? The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App Roses

Image Via: Luna et hazel

With freedom books flowers and the moon who could not be happy. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! by helloemilie


Graham & Brown Pink Petals Printed Canvas Art - X - 43285 - Canvas Art - Wall Art & Coverings - Decor

Summer Hair Guide 2 by Jessica Hische

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