Beautiful Toyota 2000GT.

Famous Toyota model car in red via JDM Chicago god like CooL CARS

Toyota 2000, 1970

Toyota 2000, 1970

Designed by Yamaha and produced by Toyota in limited production, this striking front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe was first seen at the Tokyo Motor show in Known as "one of the most exciting a

Toyota 2000GT

TOYOTA A limited-production, front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat hardtop coupe. There were only 351 cars built from 1967 and

1967 Toyota 2000GT coupe

The Proved Toyota Could Build a World-Class Sports Car

carudamon119:  幻の名車“週刊”で組み立てる、トヨタ監修の「週刊『トヨタ2000GT』」

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carudamon119: 幻の名車“週刊”で組み立てる、トヨタ監修の「週刊『トヨタ2000GT』」

1967 Toyota 2000GT.

1967 Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota has recently come out of nowhere to become one of my favorite sports cars of all-time. It's a classic that's easily withstood the test of time.

One of only 84 left-hand-drive 1968 Toyota 2000GT's, this car was built to…

One of only 84 left-hand-drive 1968 Toyota this car was built to goose the company's staid reputation as a designer of conservative econoboxes. Intertwining design and performance, the produced 150 horsepower, impressive on a car weighing just pounds.

Toyota 2000 GT 1967 à 1970 break de chasse,

Toyota 2000 GT 1967 à 1970 break de chasse, Not the most successful design.

Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota is perhaps one of the finest looking cars every made. Dylan Leff was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph this beautiful example, check out the results.