DIY racing cars with clothespins, buttons and tape

DIY racing cars with clothespins, buttons and tape clothes peg race cars great models to get boys into crafting, or girls into racing

Fabulous cardboard art on this page. Show 5th grades for independent project proposals.

Carboard shoes by artist Mike Leavitt. Well done, now I have to figure out hot to make shoes out of cardboard for my project .

DIY bracelet..shoe string.. cool idea! I can make a billion of these

diy bracelet - shoe lace bracelet - use shoelace from a special race, put on charms to remember distance and special causes!

Chevy Truck Bench! Different version than the others I like the lights and the license plate idea

Hubby would love this in the man cave Tales from a Cottage: Chevy Truck Bench? I'm gonna be looking for a Ford tailgate

caja nike miniatura

My daughter and I are building an Anti-doll dollhouse. That would be a doll house with dishes in the sink, pizza boxes on the living room floor, and a motor cycle engine being disassembled on the kitchen table.

diy bracelet. I wonder if you can do this with neon shoe strings

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