Japanese sweets

Tanu's Note - What happens when you try the Japanese Translator for this recipe: Summer-fun brocade ball can , those boil to dissolve the agar, solidified and sweetened with sugar. Clarity is beautiful, it is able to express the emotion of summer sweets.

Japanese sweets, Wagashi

Japanese sweets, Wagashi, oh look, a 'sweet' coi, fish inside amazing!

和菓子づくし Japanese sweets Dzukushi

Triad colour scheme: Japanese sweets, jelly balls and imo (sweet potato) yokan…

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Summer in japan makes us feel so awesome cos we can take part in the festivals such ss hababi and many many

Sweets of the Tea Ceremony. Artful creations are traditionally served during the tea ceremony to complement the bitter matcha.



『おいり』/ Oiri - Sweets for the Bride: Made from small round mochi pieces fluffed round in a heater and then colored. Oiri are given to a bride of the area, so that the newly wedded life will be round and round all over (maruku naru yoo ni).