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Japanese Traditional Three-Layer Food Box, Ojyu https://japanarticles.com/japanese-traditional-three-layer-food-box-ojyu/ Ojyu, it is usually used for a small or big party, such as New Year party, as a lunch box for picnic with family and friends. Under the cherry blossom, families, lovers, co-workers and friends are enjoying a party and bring many kinds of food in the Ojyu. Various type of Ojyu are prepared from...

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Pikotaro's PPAP products https://japanarticles.com/pikotaros-ppap-products/ Pikotaro is a character played by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka. Pikotaro became famous for his short song “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”. Kosaka insists that Pikotaro is another person promoted by him, but they are considered the same person. Pikotaro’s goods were finally...

Japanese green tea Tea is the national drink of Japan. The Japanese word for tea, “cha” was originally a Chinese word. A variety of teas are consumed in Japan. Major Japanese teas are: Sencha Bancha Hojicha Genmaicha Gyokuro Matcha – bitter green tea powder, used for “Tea ceremony” Kocha – black tea (Western style tea) Links: All about Green tea Green tea restaurant http://japanculturereview.japan-shops.com/japanese-green-tea-2/

Chado or Sano-yu is the Japanese tea ceremony, which is more than merely drinking tea, but the way to cultivate hospitality in a minimalistic space.

Kyoto International Manga Museum is a museum of the cartoon in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi. It opened on November 2006 as a Japan's first overall cartoon museum.