norwegian pattern

Black and white seamless pattern from norwegian stars Image ID: 97421966 Copyright: WitchEra Standard License Enhanced License Vector Scale to any size without loss of resolution.

Pattern Darning Sampler 1783

In our search for more pieces belonging to the group of Crown-, Cock-, Rococo,- and Patterndarning samplers we found a few others. The one that really stands out is the Pattern darning sampler, a fantastic piece of art made by.

Kogin tutorial

You know, because I obviously have WAY too much free time. Koginzashi こぎん刺し (or according to various online translations, “concentrated silver stab”) is a regional stitch technique that…

Japanese {Kogin} Embroidery is almost here! | Stitcharama

Japanese {Kogin} Embroidery is almost here!

(Update: Our Japanese Kogin Embroidery Kits are now available in our shop!) When I first learned about Japanese Kogin embroidery, I completely craft-geek flipped out. Pretty sure my jaw dropped op…