stamped logos

stamped logos - I like the snake and tiger ones -- the fonts are all decent (except the tremendous variability in sizing, the way they do it here) -- don't like the scripty ones so much.

120 Feminine Branding Logos

120 Feminine Branding Logos by Davide Bassu on Creative logo design inspiration, perfect for a modern business branding with perfect font and typography selection. Take some ideas or use this feminine, elegant, nature, feminine and also hipster set.


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Found by Brian Danaher

Modern / Grunge The use of Sans Serif or Modern font is kept clean and simple for this design. the feel is grunge inspired.

대한민국 100주년 기념 로고 디자인 - 브랜딩/편집, 타이포그래피

대한민국 100주년 기념 로고 디자인 - 브랜딩/편집, 타이포그래피