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an old book with some type of writing on the pages and in different font styles
the last line there means "whoa slow down there student" I take Latin. that's how I know. I know! I'm such a weirdo! XD
native american symbols on a black background
Native American Symbols Zip Pouch by Hoolst Design
an info sheet with the words micro and macro
Guide to Sociolinguistics: Infographic & Cast - American TESOL Institute's Lexical Press Blog
an image of a tree with many different branches and names on it, including the following words
7 Hardest Languages to Learn For English Speakers - LifeHack
7 Most Difficult Languages In The World to Learn For English Speakers
an image of a line graph with different colors and numbers on it's side
Linear B Lexicon | PDF | Linguistics | Semiotics
the evolution of alphabets and their names in different languages, including english or arabic
Evolution of Alphabets
Nearly all modern alphabets, with the notable exception of the Hangul used for Korean, are descended from an alphabet invented 4000 years ago, probably by a group of people living in what is now the Sinai desert in Eastern Egypt. This table shows the evolution of those alphabets.
a map showing the spread of latin languages across europe, including english and french words
World War Türkiye on Twitter
an image of a table with words and numbers on it, including names for each word
Anglo-Saxon Runes
a family tree is shown with many names
Differences between Europeans and Americans (USA)
a map showing the languages of spain in different colors and sizes, with their corresponding names
Maps on the Web
The languages of Spain. untipoquenojuega:Side note: If...
an old paper with the words evolution of the pronom
"Ich", "Já", "Unë": la evolución de "yo" desde el protoindoeuropeo hasta las lenguas modernas
an image of a computer screen showing the flow of data from different sources to each other
The Proto-Indo-European Homeland Puzzle