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The surreal world, created by Svetlana, is full of strange creatures. Her artworks are full of energ. I Am The Walrus, Surrealism Photography, Creative Skills, Weird Creatures, Little Birds, Whimsical Art, Surreal Art, Drawing S, Printmaking

Svetlana Bobrova

The surreal world, created by Svetlana, is full of strange creatures. In this world everything is possible. Her artworks are full of energ...

Los Angeles, CA Artist Tobias Keene Christine Wu, Ed Freeman, Wayne White, Kent Williams, David Choe, Surrealism Photography, Long Shadow, Children Images, Old Dogs

Los Angeles, CA fine artist Tobias Keene #artistaday

Tobias Keene’s paintings continue to explore, through the immediacy of color, texture and form, a quality of lost innocence. By using negative space as part of his composition, he has created a unique exploration of displacement. His use of long shadows signify the passage of time, while using Russian linen which he often leaves raw. The images of children at play. dogs chasing balls, a man on a trapeze are somewhat metaphorical. As he states ‘We are all old dogs chasing balls”. Keene has…

♥ Apparition in a Landscape - Jósean Figueroa Optical Illusion Paintings, Optical Illusions, Surrealism Photography, Unusual Art, Illusion Art, Surreal Art, Op Art, Art Images, Creative Art

‘Apparition in a Landscape’ by Jósean Figueroa

'Apparition in a Landscape' by Jósean Figueroa.

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‘Freud/St. George and the Dragon’ by Jósean Figueroa

'Freud/St. George and the Dragon' by Jósean Figueroa. The image of Sigmund Freud is formed in an upper visual plane, by St. George, the dragon and the damsel in distress in a landscape, occupying a lower visual plane.