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Landscape Painting - Rotatable Artwork Living Off The Land by Frank Franklin

ROTATABLE ARTWORK Living off the Land by Frank Franklin

IMPORTANT!! Unique rotating artwork! when the image is rotated the image of Salvador Dali appears

Олег Шупляк 1967 | Optical illusionist painter

Oleg Shuplyak, 1967 | Optical Illusion painter

Олег Щупляк is an Russian painter whose works involve portraits of famous personalities drawn in such a way that common objects and scenery make up their distinctive faces in amalgamated form. The pictures are brilliantly, and evocatively multilayered with uncommon depth.

Hidden images in paintings of Oleg Shuplyak

Hidden images in Oleg Shuplyak's paintings - Beauty will save

Hidden images in Oleg Shuplyak's paintings, art, Ukrainian artist, illusions, Vincent van Gogh, Elvis, Gogol, Ivan the Terrible, Jesus Christ, John Lennon