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Tribal Wolf Tattoo | Tribal sabertooth Wolf Tattoo by ~Draikairion on deviantART

A Tribal sabertooth wolf tattoo. I got the inspiration from an X-men book I was reading. There is a moon put into the neck for visual appeal. This tattoo design HAS BEEN SOLD!

Celtic tribal by DRAGO-S-TATTOO

Are you seeking for Celtic tribal tattoos? Check here to know more about the best Celtic tribal tattoo designs. We are seeing that tribal celtic tattoos have become very popular choice amongst folks in recent years.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men 2013

Check Out 25 Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men. Half sleeve tattoo designs for men have reached the top of their popularity in a big way nowadays. There are all over the TV, internet and there are even TV shows covering tattoo stories.

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Leather Armor - Upperarm and Shoulder Tattoo Wallpaper from GREAT TATTOOS. This "leather armor"and its Celtic knotwork looks relistic. It's an amazing tattoo, well done.