This is a sweet one. We went & saw this movie 1 week after my mom passed away. Cried my eyes out! I should have known someone would die in the movie.since it is a Disney movie. Haven't been able to see the movie since.

breakfast at tiffany's - so cute

Breakfast at Tiffany's! Halloween Costume Idea or photo shoot (since Lila will never wear this for halloween)

Blythe holding her teddy.

Nursing by cocomicchi

Funny pictures about Nerd Quirk. Oh, and cool pics about Nerd Quirk. Also, Nerd Quirk photos.

Baby Barry Manilow

Baby Barry Manilow- Cant Smile Without You - so serious.

Corgi inherits the earth

Looks like this little corgi puppy killed a baby dinosaur.

Sweet dreams little Snow White by ♥PAM♥dolls♥, via Flickr

Sweet dreams little Snow White by ♥PAM♥dolls♥, via Flickr

I'm sexy and I know it. ;)

I love robert downey jr.