Hiroshi Yoshida.

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE SCENERY BY UNKNOWN. A flowing style imparts realism without being burdened with too much detail. A wonderful interpretation resulting in a subtle colored semi abstract painting.

Autumn in Hakkodasan - by Yoshida Hiroshi

heaveninawildflower: “‘Autumn in Hakkodasan’ Woodblock print by Yoshida Hiroshi Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Jungfrau by Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida (吉田 博 Yoshida Hiroshi, September 1876 - April was a Japanese painter and woodblock print maker.

吉田博「荒沢(日光)」水彩。 Hiroshi Yoshida

吉田博「荒沢(日光)」水彩。 Hiroshi Yoshida

Yoshida, Hiroshi "Sailing Boats - Set of Six"

Specializing in fine Century Japanese Woodblock Prints: Yoshida, Hiroshi -

吉田博 木版画

Artist Hiroshi Yoshida -- the Japanese discover Tourism. This was taken at Niagra Falls.

Europe Series: Ruins of Athens (Acropolis- Day) by H. Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida Europe Series: Ruins of Athens (Acropolis- Day) [pink test print], woodblock print, SOLD.

1. 吉田 博 (1876-1950) 2. ルガノ町 3. 大正 14年 (1925)

Gallery Sobi Pallas/Shin-hanga Yoshida, Hiroshi / The Town Lugano 吉田 博 ルガノ町 大正