Amazing Memory Wire! - YouTube

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It's an alloy that "remembers" it's original shape.

Soft Robot Walking and Crawling - YouTube

"This freaky soft robot is being developed at Harvard. It uses compressed air to inflate elastomer limbs and can walk, crawl, and slither through all kinds of small spaces and slippery substances.

Smart Textiles - YouTube

At NPL, the Electronics Interconnection group has developed a new method of producing conductive textiles. This new technique could make integrating electron.

Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle (EPAM) Spring Roll Actuator - YouTube

Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle (EPAM) Spring Roll Actuator - YouTube

Electrochromic glass/Privacy glass- Waterproof! - YouTube

this is the first water-proof electrochromic glass in the world!

Power Fabric from Fishing Line Artificial Muscle - YouTube

Ordinary, everyday fishing line has been used to produce artificial muscles with super human strength. By twisting and coiling simple fishing line and applyi.

Self-Folding Robots

Wyss Institute Core Faculty member Rob Wood, who is also the Charles River Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard’s School of Engineering…

PVC Gel Artificial Muscle2 - YouTube

A poly vinyl chloride (PVC) gel actuator shows great potential for use as an artificial muscle because of such positive characteristics as movement in the ai.

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