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there is a frame with sea glass and shells in it
there is a mirror and seashells on the table
Sea Glass Beach Scene on Mirror - Sea Glass Art - Sea Glass Pictures - Sea Glass Art - Nautical Decor - Ocean Beach Decor - Beach House Art
"Imagine yourself looking into this mirror and saying, Beach Hair Don't Care! Our \"Sea Yourself at the Beach\" mirror can be a favorite piece in your home whether it's a beach house or not. It's made with sand, reclaimed cracked glass, sea glass, starfish and seashells for a truly stunning addition to your home that everyone will love. The glass pieces were handpicked to fit together in shades of blue, green, aqua. The sand has a champagne gold shimmer just like sparkling sand on the beach. I
a crab made out of sea glass in a white frame
Crushed Glass, Shell and Resin Crab
Blue Crab made with green crushed glass and crushed shell pieces. May be hung on light colored walls or in a window. All art pieces are custom made and unique. You will receive a similar piece.
a heart made out of sea glass and sand