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a white table topped with bottles of alcohol and wrapped in plastic wrap next to each other
화이트 볼륨 마켓에 참석하지 못해 아쉬움을 느끼신 분들을 위해 이벤트 당일 제공된 화이트볼륨 기프트(워터에센스의 성분이 담긴 약산성 핸드솝)를 추가로 제작하게 되었습니다🥚❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 오늘부터 탬버린즈 신사 플래그십스토어에서…
several black geometric shapes sitting on top of a gray surface with no one in the photo
Matthew Shlian ingénieur papier - Blog Esprit Design
Matthew Shlian - paper sculptures
four different views of black and white paper with squares on it, one being folded in half
Gráfica Online de Impressão Digital e Offset - Sydra
Maringá Na Internet encontramos um vasto depósito de informações, tutoriais, cursos e guias para aprender tudo e mais alguma coisa. Mas nem sempre é fácil encontrarmos o que queremos. Se é um designer profissional, ou ainda não exerce a actividade mas possui essa ambição, então apresentamos nesta página uma lista de cursos de design online que podem melhorar de forma substancial os seus conhecimentos.
three different images of business cards stacked on top of each other, with one being held up by a hand
15 diseños de tarjetas de presentación increíbles y cómo hacerlos - Luis Maram
15 diseños de tarjetas de presentación, increíbles http://blog.luismaram.com/2013/09/21/15-disenos-de-tarjetas-de-presentacion-increibles-y-como-hacerlos/
two hands are holding up tickets for the upcoming medical event, which is being held in front of each other
Pharmacy Simplified
PillPack - taking a bunch of different meds? Pillpack simplifies that process.
東急ハンズ|新聞広告データアーカイブ Illustrations Posters, Fb Ads, Food Poster Design, Food Poster, Japanese Design, Ad Design, Print Ads, Editorial Design, Paper Design
新聞広告データアーカイブ | 日本新聞協会
an advertisement with various items on it for the world's most famous game system
読売広告大賞 : 広告賞のご案内 : 読売新聞オンライン
アドバタイザーの部 : 読売広告大賞 : 広告賞のご案内 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)
two pictures with one woman's face covered in red and blue tape, the other showing an origami bow
soo 👁‍🗨 corner: Photo
liberté d'expression
red blood cells are shown in this image
Blood clot, SEM - Stock Image - C009/7818
Blood clot, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Red blood cells (erythrocytes) are trapped within a fibrin protein mesh (beige). The fibrin mesh is formed in response to chemicals secreted by platelets (pink), fragments of white blood cells. Clots are formed in response to cardiovascular disease or injuries to blood vessels.
red blood cells are shown in close up
Coches.net: Coches nuevos, coches de ocasión, seminuevos, Km0
Erythrocyte aka Red Blood Cell
an exhibit room filled with lots of different items on display in it's walls
The Human Animal - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
The Human Animal New exhibition! Humans and animals – how are we similar and what makes us different? Explore your body and your senses. Why can you see colours, sweat and understand facial Expressions?