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Brawl Stars Leon

Leon Stats, Skills and Best Using Tips | Brawl Stars UP!

Leon’s Basic Information Abilities Strengths and Weakness 10 BEST TIPS TO USE LEON Use your super for running away from enemies especially if you have gems on your head or if you’re very low on HP. Use invisiheal in showdown most of the times, as it can get insane utility when a lot of brawlers surround and chip you down slowly Kite tanky brawlers towards you making them deal way more less damage than what you deal hence killing them before they destroy you Dodge and run away from high DPS…

Brawl Stars Mortis

Mortis | Brawl Stars Up!

Mortis's Basic Information Basic Information Type: Ranged Brawler/Thrower Super Range: 11 tiles Attack Range: 2.67 tiles Speed: 2.5 tiles per second Attack Reload: 2.5s

Brawl Stars Poco
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Poco Guide - Best Tips and How to Counter (Updated) | Brawl Stars Up

Today, we’re gonna talk about Poco. As with all my other brawler guides, we’re gonna look at his mechanics, an in-depth look at his stats, which game modes and maps are going to be the best to push with him to 500 and even higher. Then we’ll talk about high turn mechanics and tips, as well as, how to counter Poco. Poco – Basic Information It is very easy to use him. Because it’s relatively easy to master him due to the width of his a shot. If you’re only facing one opponent, there’s almost…

Brawl Stars Shelly
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Shelly – Strategies, Matchups, Tips and More! | Brawl Stars Up!

Shelly 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Her! Hey guys it’s Ash and welcome to a the new guide series of mine in which I delve into the mechanics and techniques of every brawler character in the game and teach you guys how to beat every other brawler. For my first video of this series, I’d like to teach you everything you need to know about Shelly I’ll be showing you how to beat every brawler with Shelly in 1v1 situations, and then at the end I’ll show you guys live gameplay of what…

Brawl Stars Carl

Carl Guide: Basic Stats, Best Tips and Strategies

Carl is the new Brawl Stars brawler who just released in the upcoming huge March update a few days ago! In this article, let’s take a quick look at Carl abilities, stats and the best tips for using him! Carl’s Basic Information Carl – A Quick Look Rarity: Super Rare Main Attack: Pickaxe Carl has only one ammo slot. It will get instantly charged when the Pickaxe returns to his hands. The Pickaxe returns whenever it hits a wall or when it reaches the max distance. The Pickaxe pierces through…

Brawl Stars Piper

Piper – Basic Information and Tips

Piper’s Basic Information Abilities Strengths and Weakness Tips for Using Piper Always keep the distance and hide in the bushes. Do not rush, do not play aggressively. Just aim and shoot. Don’t hesitate to use the Super to run away. Your top priority is to stay away from the opponents. Piper vs Brock, Jessie and Colt.

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Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain

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Brawl Stars Jessie

Jessie - Stats, Tips and Matchups | Brawl Stars Up!

Jessie's Basic Information Basic Information Type: Ranged Brawler Super Range: 4.67 Attack Range: 9 tiles Speed: 720 Attack Reload: 1.8s Role: Fighter/Ranged Utility

Brawl Stars Barley

Barley Basic Information, Skills and Tips | Bawlers | Brawl Stars Up!

Barley’s Basic Information Abilities Strengths and Weakness Tips for Using Barley Always stay behind the walls and obstacles while using Barley because of his low HP. Always keep the distance to the other Brawlers. Due to the delay of his attacks, predicting enemies movements is a must. You don’t want to misplace your attack and especially the Super. Throw the attack to where you think they would get to in the next 1-2 seconds. Save your Super and only use it when the enemies clutter up…

Brawl Stars Dynamike

Dynamike - Stats, Tips, Matchups and Upgrade Priority | Brawl Stars Up!

Dynamike's Basic Information Basic Information Type: Ranged Brawler/Thrower Super Range: 7 tiles Attack Range: 7 tiles Speed: 2.5 tiles per second Attack Reload: 1.7s Role

Brawl Stars Nita
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Nita - Best Strategies, Matchup and Game Mode Tips | Brawl Stars

Nita’s Basic Information Abilities Strengths and Weakness Tips for Using Nita Spam the basic attack in the initial engagement helps you build up the Super faster as new players always clump up together at the beginning. Always keep the distance, try to do chip damage, poking, to charge up her Super. Charging Super is always your top priority. Use the Super to build up an attack for your team. He can tank extremely well, as well as do great damage. Place the Bear on the other side when solo…

Brawl Stars Gene

Gene Guide: Basic Stats, Best Tips and Strategies | Brawl Stars UP!

Fanart by JackStyleDaMeme Gene’s Basic Information Abilities Other Information Gene needs 4 complete hits to fully charge his Super. Basic attack deals 1000 base damage if it hits the target. If it doesn’t, each spark deals 166 damage. Special skill has the 2x the range of his attack minus the sparks. Slow reload speed. Quick Guide to Gene Attack For Gene’s attack, he shoots out a Fireball with the potential to deal 1,400 damage to a single target. He can take out Barley, Brock, Colt, Crow…

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Game Mode
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Boss Fight – Best Tips and Strategies | Brawl Stars Up!

Hello fellow Brawlers! I'm KairosTime, and it is time to talk about Boss Fight! As someone who's played Boss fight, I wanted to give the community some inside tips and suggestions to succeed

download brawl stars
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Brawl Stars PC for Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac (Updated) | Brawl Stars Up!

Finally we can download Brawl Stars PC and play this super addicting video games with friends right on our computers. At the moment, you can play Brawl Stars on Windows XP/7/8/10 and also macOS.

Brawl Stars Siege Game Mode
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Siege Mode: Top Brawlers and Strategies for Winning

Siege Mode Summary Siege, the new 3v3 game mode, will also get released in the upcoming huge March update! In Siege, each team has a base which can defend itself using a Cannon. The target of each side in the Siege mode is to destroy the enemy home base. Players collect the Bolts spawning at the middle of the map. The team which has more Bolts will be able to construct a Robo during the certain intervals of the match. Help the Robo push into the enemy home base! This game mode lasts longer…

new star powers brawl stars
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Complete List of New Star Powers (Summer Update)

All Brawlers in Brawl Stars will have the secondary Star Power in the upcoming huge summer update! You can unl