Rinko Kawauchi

Untitled (from the series “Cui Cui”) 2005 Rinko Kawauchi was born in Shiga, Japan, in She lives and works in Tokyo. Rinko graduated f.

Natsumi Hayashi Selfportraits

Yowayowa II

Natsumi Hayashi does not call the photos she posts on Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary “jump shots.” A jump, she says, is composed of many movements. No, Yowayowa Camera Woman is not jumping. She’s levitating.

by Natsumi Hayashi

Yowayowa – A Japanese girl light as air

Natsumi Hayashi - tokyo's levitating girl - sometimes has jump up to 300 times to get her perfect surreal levitation picture


Rumie-chan "The Children of Chikuho" by Ken Domon 筑豊のこどもたち:土門拳

(c) Natsumi Hayashi

Ever thought about flying? Natsumi Hayashi invites you to the world of levitation Professional photographer, Natsumi Hayashi is dedicated to take pictures as flying or levitating. It was expected of Japanese crazy ideas always innovating.

経惟 荒木

経惟 荒木