Branding and identity project for Vancouver restaurant, Meat & Bread, by creative studio Glasfurd Walker, also based in Vancouver. The studio was approached to create a strong, masculine identity and brand design which communicates the restaurant’s simple and uncomplicated offer.

Branding // Meat Bread.ロゴではないけど、 上から2番目の動物のアイコン→お土産部、フード部、各部のアイコンをこんな風に作ったら面白いかも!

Graphic design inspiration, festival posters

Graphic design inspiration, festival posters


japanese logo shop

The logos of Japanese shops Japanese style...very neat and tidy. This show is end. 【終了】日本デザインコミッティー創立60周年企画展 銀座目利き百貨街2 - 展覧会&ギャラリー | 松屋銀座 もっと見る


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