Stick mantid - i like the mix of the natural elements to these works they are weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird :) . . .

Stick mantid - makes you think, what other creatures live with fairies and elfs? (No, this is a FAIRY SCULPTURE created by Candice Cinque, there are several of these pinned in my All Things Fae board)

Freaking Amazing, Custom-Made, One-of-a-Kind, Fantasy/Surreal Creature Sculptures at Reasonable Prices--direct from the artist. NERDGASM!!!

strange and gentle - octopus - Original Giclee Edition Print - 13x19"

White Dragon Art made of light white clay by Ellen Jewett (Etsy shop Creatures from El) of Guelph, ON creaturesfromel AWESOME!

Kingdom Death : Monster by Kingdom Death » DOUBLE BOSS UPDATE — Kickstarter

Boss King Dragon by Kingdom Death. cool version of a dragon.

Picked up by CGchips. 2D,3DCG tutorials and 3Dprinter news site.

Could be an amazing alien or a Neenderthal version of the Predator ?

Rhinoceros Beetle - Finished by ~Malicious-Monkey on deviantART

Rhinoceros Beetle - Finished by ~Malicious-Monkey on deviantART. Hilarious, how about a stag beetle?

insectoid, front

Versid: Of the Gulli system they war with Omni and here on earth appear as larger winged insect like bumble bees or dragon flies.


Creatures and Monsters designed and sculpted by Dominic Qwek. Buy and own art prints, sculptures and resin kits. Learn how to sculpt creatures and monsters.

insectoid, back

Collection of the third GK finished (the end of that product)

25 Incredible 3D Monsters and Evil Themed Character Designs by Laurent Pierlot. Follow us

30 Incredible Monsters and Evil themed 3D Model Designs by Laurent Pierlot

25 Incredible Monsters and Evil Themed Character Designs by Laurent Pierlot