Beef Yakiniku Bento 焼肉弁当

Beef Yakiniku Bento -[Yakiniku-don: beef, bell pepper, paprika] carrot namul Mayochizu, grilled mushrooms & boiled egg.

Spring Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball|春の手まり寿司

Spring Temarizushi, Bite-sized Sushi Ball|Why not infuse the foods you love at your wedding.


makes me want a japanese boyfriend or best friend, haha; mom's home made style dosirack/bento !


Lunch Photo: Japanese Sushi-Rice Stuffed in Fried Tofu Pouches - Inarizushi Bento いなり寿司弁当

Picnic Bento for Spring お花見弁当

Picnic Bento for Spring お花見弁当 - Look at this beautiful food!

Japanese food for New Year's -osechi-

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento おせち料理/Osechi: Japanese foods prepared for New Year's. Favorites include datemaki (egg and fish cakes), kombumaki, ikura (salmon eggs) in yuzu container, kazunoko, grilled buri (yellowtail) and kuromame (black beans.

Japanese food / お花見弁当

お花見弁当 This is a Japanese boxed lunch that is especially made for Cherry Blossom viewing picnics (Hanami) when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Japan.

「お赤飯★野沢菜しらす丼弁当~パパのお弁当~」の画像|毎日がお弁当日和♪ |Ameba (アメーバ)

Today's Menu Winding rice balls, meat · Stir salt of edamame and shrimp -Saute of Tang Shi and Wiener - Shiitake into omelet -Color salad of baby leaf door New Potato