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Cape Kamui, Hokkaido, Japan is located in Shakotan, Hokkaidō, Japan. An earthquake off the cape on 2 August 1940 resulted in a tsunami that killed ten people.

北海道にあった「至極の絶景」26選。言葉を失うほどの美しさがここに…。 - Find Travel

タウシュベツ川橋梁(The Tausyubetsu River arch bridge,Kamishihoro,Hokkaido_Hokkaido Heritage

#architecture : 4 LCC Houses / Gaeta Springall Arquitectos

facade 243 aphotik: Gaeta Springall Architects designed the 4 Casas houses) project in Mexico City, Mexico. The project involves two towers that each contain two houses that have been built on the side of a steep ravine.