Kitchen with small size often presents a problem in arranging the furniture, because it needs the furniture that has a small size but can hold a lot of kitchen equipment. The following is a functional furniture designs made from  bamboo for small kitchen design. Furniture of bamboo has a slim and easy to put it in the kitchen. Attached to the walls with shelves to accommodate many other kitchen appliances.

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The kitchen is one place where we store a lot of goods and foodstuffs. Since the number of items in the kitchen then we should be able to set it properly in order to allow for easy access and keep the kitchen more tidy. One of the easiest ways is to use a fitted kitchen furniture. Furnished with this type is very suitable for the kitchen that has a lot of stuff in it. Here is an ideas of functional kitchen design by using a neatly fitted kitchen furniture.

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The famous designer and industrious to launched a creative design ideas, he is Karim Rashid. Furniture design by Karim Rashid is always interesting to watch, charming color combinations to make home decoration look more dynamic and stylish. Furniture ideas by Karim Rashid always followed the trend to combine several colors so it produce the happiness in the home. Karim Rashid’s work favored by many people and they wait for the next creative ideas.

Karim Rashid is spicing up the new Alpes kitchen collection “Libiri in Cucina” with vibrant Digitalia HPL laminates he designed for Abet Laminati

The times that affect the lifestyles and economic needs, changing needs of human life to be an inspiration by Snaidero to create modern kitchen as a solutions that more easily accessed because it is simple and has an affordable price. Snaidero is a kitchen producer from Italy.

Designer Pietro Arosio has designed the Board Kitchen which was made for Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero. This Board kitchen offers…

Some room designs sometimes do not notice things that really should exist in the design, like a modern kitchen design that uses multiple-paced modern furniture but do not pay attention to the value that the function of furniture.

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This is a kitchen design that looks charming with minimalist style and dominated by elegant gray-white colors by designer Piet Boon for Warendorf. Warendorf kitchen collection consists of a variety of furniture that combine to create a luxurious feel of a quiet and elegant in kitchen decor, the Warendorf is a German kitchen manufacturer.

Bright Kitchen Collection by Piet Boon and Warendorf : Bright Kitchen Collection by Piet Boon and Warendorf – White Kitchen Design Featuring Cabinets

Have a cool kitchen will surely make home decoration became increasingly comfortable and stylish. We can start plan a kitchen makeovers by using a variety of fashionable furniture such as cool LED glass table that comes from ThinkGLass collection. ThinkGlass has been unveiled at the National Kitchen Bath Show that held in Las Vegas.

Kitchen With a remarkable blend of function and art, ThinkGlass offers glass kitchen countertops, backsplashes and raised bars that literally transform your eating area. Our exclusive technology can make your kitchen glass countertops truly unique.

Kitchen makeover using eco-friendly furniture that are made by recycled paper. Using recycled materials is a good idea to reduce production costs and efforts to maintain environmental balance. The following is a kitchen design idea by Italian company, Key Cucine. Producing a kitchen made by eco-friendly materials, PaperStone.

Kitchen made from recycled, eco-friendly paper. Italian kitchen manufacturer Key Cucine has used PaperStone, an innovative new material composed of recycled paper fiber and non-petroleum-based resins to create the Eco kitchen designed by Alessio Bassan.

Kitchen makeovers idea to make kitchen look more dynamic and functional, Created for the Brera Design District Fuorisalone 2012. Fashionable kitchen designs that combine two Italy brands to collaborate so create a functional room with a charming appearance. Combining the traditional heritage value with modern interior design concept that makes the kitchen is full of inspiration.

Modern Kitchen Gets a Colorful Mosaic Makeover - The award-winning Argento kitchen, designed by Roberto Pezzetta for GD Cucine, was dressed in the micro mosaic “Fosfeni”, from Cotto Veneto’s Gold Collection.

You must understand that small kitchen does not mean should be designed potluck and looks boring. The kitchen  with small size is also can be a comfortable and stylish room. If you have a kitchen with a small size so the first thing you should think about how to make it functional. Once you get a small kitchen design that is functional then the next thing is to make it more interesting and fresh.

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Kitchen design will greatly affect comfort when you cooking, a good kitchen design should be able to make comfortable and allows to easily cooking, neat and clean. If your kitchen be boring probably because you using not suitable furniture. Cooking will be fun if the kitchen furniture can make all be easy, the following is kitchen furniture that feasible for you try. Functional kitchen furniture consisting of a Oval table that allows you easy to reach all cooking utensils.

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