Pretty wrapping paper idea- add your own fabric and flower

It’s the season of gift giving – teacher appreciation, Mother’s Day, and graduation. I’ve put together 20 creative gift wrapping ideas for gifts for any occasion. Pom Pom Embellishment Gift Wrap This natural looking Pom Pom gift wrap from

setouchi chocolat


These are incredibly adorable! The color scheme is lovely—the nutmeg brown with the red.

Tips for eating on a budget in Europe.

Strawberries at a Paris Market in France Smaller Scenes From A Paris Market A Travel Photo Essay

かき氷巾着 / 洋菓子・和菓子のラッピング・ギフト箱の通販サイト「パケラボ」

かき氷巾着 / 洋菓子・和菓子のラッピング・ギフト箱の通販サイト「パケラボ」

Japanese Candy #fooddecoration, #food, #cooking,

Japanese melon sugar candies, probably warabe or dagashi. Either way, they look like a really sweet treat.

季節のおやつ 鬼【包装】【のし】 遊 中川・粋更kisara・中川政七商店 公式通販サイト

季節のおやつ 鬼【包装】【のし】 遊 中川・粋更kisara・中川政七商店 公式通販サイト