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Kabuki Actors Ichimura Uzaemon IX as Ko-kakeyama and Ōtani Hiroji III as Kōga Saburō Artist: Katsukawa Shunshō (Japanese, Period: Edo period Date: ca. ink and color on paper Japanese Drawings, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Prints, Japanese Illustration, Illustration Art, Oriental, Japan Painting, Art Asiatique, Japanese Folklore

Katsukawa Shunshō 勝川春章 | Kabuki Actors Ichimura Uzaemon IX as Ko-kakeyama and Ōtani Hiroji III as Kōga Saburō | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868) | The Met

In the play Branches of a Flowering Potted Tree (Konohana Yotsugi no Hachinoki), the devil Ko-kakeyama (the evil spirit of Wakasa no Zenji Yasumura) holds a scroll in his mouth and a hammer in his hand and wears a crown of three flaming candles on his head

yokai of Buddhist instruments Japanese Mythology, Japanese Folklore, Japanese Monster, Scary Monsters, Classic Monsters, Japanese Aesthetic, Japanese Artists, Woodblock Print, Antique Art

展示予告「異界・妖怪大博覧会」6―百鬼夜行絵巻4― « 愛媛県歴史文化博物館 学芸員ブログ『研究室から』

Nurikabe, a spirit from Japanese folklore. The creature disguises itself as a wall to confuse and misdirect nightly travellers. (If you ever encounter it: tap on its lower left part and it will. Japan Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Prints, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Dragons, Myths & Monsters, Japanese Mythology

この妖怪はなんでしょう?: ゲームの部屋 2nd Season

タイトルの通り! この妖怪はなんでしょう? 分かるかな〜〜?? ヒント:みなさんよーくご存じの妖怪です。

Ukiyo-e Heroes: Donkey Kong Visits Japan Mario racing a rickshaw, Kirby wielding a katana, and Donkey Kong bounding past cherry blossoms. In his fantastical Ukiyo-e Heroes series, illustrator Jed Henry reimagines classic. Star Fox, Japanese Paper, Japanese Painting, Japanese Prints, Japanese Rice, Japanese Artwork, Mario Kart, Mario Bros, Mario Brothers

日本の名作ゲームを浮世絵風に描いた作品が半端なく凄い : ハムスター速報


Illustrator Jed Henry is creating a series of Nintendo characters based on the style of traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodcut prints. The images above depict Link from The Legend of Zelda and a sketch for an upcoming Mario Kart print. The Legend Of Zelda, Nintendo Characters, Video Game Characters, Nintendo Games, Nintendo 64, Zelda Video Games, 8bit Art, Art Asiatique, Classic Video Games

日本の名作ゲームを浮世絵風に描いた作品が半端なく凄い : ハムスター速報


'Pocketing a Wager' (Pokemon) Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints. The guys behind Ukiyo-e Heroes create images of your favorite Nintendo characters in the style of Ukiyo-e, a traditional Japanese woodblock printing process. Star Fox, Japanese Art Styles, Japanese Prints, Japanese Style, Vintage Japanese, Nintendo Characters, Video Game Characters, Nintendo Games, Anime Characters

日本の名作ゲームを浮世絵風に描いた作品が半端なく凄い : ハムスター速報


Giant old woman blocking the doorway from "稲生物怪録 / Ino Mononoke" picture scroll, 1749 by old samurai Ino Heitaro Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Japanese Monster, Turning Japanese, Scary Monsters, Chinese Painting, Japanese Culture, Woodblock Print, Deities

大阪府立中央図書館 国際児童文学館 資料展示「子どもの本に描かれた妖怪・ばけもの・もののけ展」

大阪府立中央図書館 国際児童文学館 資料展示「子どもの本に描かれた妖怪・ばけもの・もののけ展」

Kappa supposedly inhabit the ponds and rivers of Japan, and have various features to aid them in this environment, such as webbed hands and feet. By Toriyama Sekien – September an scholar and ukiyo-e artist of Japanese folklore. Aomori, Weird Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Shimane, Folklore Japonais, Japanese Mythology, Japanese Monster, Art And Craft, Mythological Creatures

大阪妖怪・伝承探訪 大阪市淀川区

大阪市内に棲む黒猫が、大阪近辺の妖怪や民話の伝わる土地を訪ね歩いた記録です。 ツイッターで更新のお知らせをできるようにしています。 @youkai_kuroneko

A Buddhist’s Guide to Asura’s Wrath Part 2 – Weapons – The Bishop’s Staff and Hungry Ghosts Asura's Wrath, Japanese Folklore, Japanese Artwork, Art Plastique, Deities, Character Concept, Dark Art, Mythology, Supernatural

展示予告「異界・妖怪大博覧会」6―百鬼夜行絵巻4― « 愛媛県歴史文化博物館 学芸員ブログ『研究室から』

Kirby, re-imagined as a Japanese ukiyo-e. He's pretty frightening! Kirby as an Ukiyo-e Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Japanese Games, Japanese Style, Chinese Style, Arte Ninja, Woodcut Art, Classic Video Games, Art Japonais

日本の名作ゲームを浮世絵風に描いた作品が半端なく凄い : ハムスター速報


展示予告「異界・妖怪大博覧会」6―百鬼夜行絵巻4― « 愛媛県歴史文化博物館 学芸員ブログ『研究室から』 Turning Japanese, Ex Libris, Nihon, Japanese Culture, Tsukumo, Folk, Fancy, Classic, Illustration

展示予告「異界・妖怪大博覧会」6―百鬼夜行絵巻4― « 愛媛県歴史文化博物館 学芸員ブログ『研究室から』

Japanese Woodblock Gaming Art by Jed Henry Jed’s Nintendo Samurai series brings the futuristic robo-suited duo of Samus Aran and Mega Man back to feudal Japan for some serious Budō Mega Man, Nintendo Characters, Video Game Characters, Nintendo Games, Character Drawing, Character Design, Character Illustration, 8bit Art, Classic Video Games

日本の名作ゲームを浮世絵風に描いた作品が半端なく凄い : ハムスター速報


“Ukiyo-e print of the sailor Tokuso encountering an umibōzu (lett. sea bonze) a spirit from Japanese folklore by Utagawa Kuniyoshi ” Folklore Japonais, Art Japonais, Art Et Illustration, Illustrations, Oriental, Arte Ninja, Japanese Mythology, Japanese Monster, Art Asiatique


(注)気持ち悪い絵が出ます〜! 妖怪「海坊主」と「ぬらりひょん」 海坊主 海坊主(うみぼうず)は、海に住む妖怪。 海に出没し、多くは夜間に現れ、それまでは穏やかだった海面が突然盛り上がり黒い坊主頭の 巨大なもの...