DIY Storage Cabinet - I want this for the upstairs bathroom!!

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Full length mirror, and storage? DIY Bathroom Storage Idea - Organization LOVE this! Perfect for small bathroom. Would love it built in.

洗面所(脱衣室)の仕様・収納など | フリーダムアーキテクツの家で自由に暮らすブログ

The curtain rod can be used for drying laundry. Open shelves beside the sink and under it.

洗面所●タオルの収納とたたみ方 の画像|メグメグの好奇心♪♪ 収納インテリア

I can never remember how to fold towels like this. Which is kind of silly.

LAVATORY/POWDER ROOM/TOILET/REST ROOM/TILE/洗面室/トイレ/洗面台/洗面器/タイル/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

I like that door, it allows light and privacy.

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