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Kitty, how did you get in there? lol… - Any Other Business Cat

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それでね。。 うんうん。それで…?

mechaphil: “catsbeaversandducks: “When Ultraman isn’t fighting bad guys, he’s also got a softer side, willing to stand guard over some of the littlest, furriest ones on the planet and protect them as.

velveteenrabbit: “ animals-riding-animals: “ cat riding dog I. ” --Cat:" I don't know why you got this noisy thing but get him out now." Dog: "OMG help me I'm living with a psycho!


Most of these funny cat pictures taken at the right moment show that it's absolutely rewarding to chase our pet cats around with cameras all the time.

Halloween is fast approaching and finally you'll have an excuse to dress up your favourite animal friend with the cutest, funnies and most hilarious custumes! He/she will love this super adorable Poli

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(1) みふゆ(三冬)(@mifuyu_916)さん | Twitter

(1) みふゆ(三冬)(@mifuyu_916)さん | Twitter

This Kitten Grew Up With The Supervision Of Japanese Superhero Ultraman


Rescue Kitten Gets an Unusual Friend to Grow Up With - We Love Cats and Kittens


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