Love the wood ... Clutter not so much

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Love the wood- I like functionality and the everything- at- your- fingertips' design


With the curtains fully open, we see the open space flowing into the office area, where a wide full height window and glass patio door allow views to the surrounding city.

beautiful modern home. minimalist design and decor. loft.

An Ultra Minimal Home In A Very Compact Space

'House of Hiyoshi' is a rectangle ultra minimal home in a very compact space, designed by a Japanese firm, EANA The three-storey timber frame structure organizes its spaces by manipulating floor-to.

Home Decor Tip: Maximizing Storage in the Mud Room! ~ at #homedecor #mudrooms #thefrugalgirls

Mud Rooms are a prime spot in your home to pack in some extra storage space. A bench seat is perfect for putting on or removing shoes, while bins below create extra storage.

Room divider made out of plumbing pipes

A Taiwanese Home Where the Kitchen Takes the Stage

modern family house 22 Playful Approach to Modern Living in Taiwan: The Family Playground by House Design


Glancing over the desk, we see the expanse of living room, with media shelving built into a large dark wood panel on the wall. Full height glass continues at left.

This bench wraps around the wall and has hidden storage. Renovation by Ganna Design Studio.

Modern Apartment Showcasing Toys & Travel Souvenirs

Ganna Design Studio completed Overlap, an original apartment especially envisioned for a young couple in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

「專訪」台灣無印良品的家 - 新竹 Kshsnew&Julie 的家 - DECOmyplace

「專訪」台灣無印良品的家 - 新竹 Kshsnew&Julie 的家 - DECOmyplace