Business cards.

100 (Really) Creative Business Cards

A creative business card from "Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement". The business cards were letter pressed by hand and stuffed with grass seed. The best thing about them is when you hand one out, the seeds shake and instantly pay off the idea.

kondo coffee|

Like the characters and vertical lines contrasting with a different font and horizontal words

cute original business card

40 Inspiring Business Card Designs

business cards cartes de visite papier tigre customization personnalisation origami

I am crazy about these geometric origami icons. I would need something better suited than an animal but they are great. Interestingly enough, all homeopathic remedies are derived from animal, plant or miners. They are clean cut and so trendy

Name Card

カメラマン 中野美登樹氏 Name Card Art Direction & Design: Osawa Yudai…

Photographer Takuto Kosukegawa — 小助川写真事務所

Photographer Takuto Kosukegawa — VI, Name card 小助川写真事務所 — VI, Business card / 2009

morishita music school name card by masaomi fujita, via Behance

morishita music school name card by masaomi fujita, via Behance.blowing Lindsey Scott illustration out of it.