Rene Gruau

Rene Gruau / draw some fashion illustrations of clothes that were in fashion when my nan got married or something? Compare to modern fashion



I like the overall look but maybe this is just a very pretty person haha. I feel really cautious about the placement of blush making me look off and i don't know how I feel about this placement on my own face

秋アイメイクの新常識。ノーアイライン × 囲み目シャドウ でゆるモードを気取って|MERY [メリー]

秋アイメイクの新常識。ノーアイライン × 囲み目シャドウ でゆるモードを気取って|MERY [メリー]

石原さとみはなぜ可愛くなった?メイク方法をどこよりも詳しく解剖♡ | 美人部

石原さとみはなぜ可愛くなった?メイク方法をどこよりも詳しく解剖♡ | 美人部

でんぱ組.incの最上もがの水着画像がエロ過ぎると話題に : 健全なアイドル画像速報

We'll continue with our next pack of Hot Girls Of The Week for this June This week we'll share two Hot Picks posts with you.

ペタシ : Photo

Ishihara Satomi - Added to Beauty Eternal - A collection of the most beautiful women.

橋本環奈(Rev.from DVL)ヤングマガジン1号アザーカット « ヤングマガジン公式サイト『WEBヤンマガ』|講談社コミックプラス

Japanese Female Fans Vote Ishihara Satomi as Most Beautiful J-actress Beating Out Three Time Winner Kitagawa Keiko - A Koala's Playground

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