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Layout Design, China, Chinese Graphic, Design Reference, Vi Design
the chinese text is written in white on a blue and pink background with buildings, trees and
しばやまあやのさん(@ayano.shibayama) • Instagram写真と動画
人々は多いが彼岸に達する人々は少ない Type, Game Logo Design, Typeface, Chinese Words
タイポグラフィ | サイの角のようにひとり歩め!
some type of calligraphy that is blue and white with black lettering on the bottom
CHALKBOY on Instagram: “EATBEAT! × 結いのおと 東日本ローカルイベントの草分け的存在で大人気の「結いのおと」に、#EATBEAT! 参戦します! 👉4月20日 18時開演 結城紬をイメージしたロゴも制作しました。日本語って自由で楽しいよね。 …”
some type of font and numbers on a white background with blue lettering in different languages
梨 帆🐻‍❄️ on X
an advertisement for shanxi craft with images of people and objects in red, black and white
山西博物院|山西・絕活 KV / Visual Identity Design
山西・絕活 Visual Identity Design
Vintage, Graphic Design Posters, Typo Logo Design, Title Design
an advertisement with chinese writing and symbols on the side of a dark blue background,
an advertisement with japanese characters on it for the company's new product, raindrops
Chinese Logo, Chinese Fonts Design, Typeface Logo