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Gallery of The Fleming Hotel / A Work of Substance - 35

Completed in 2017 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Images by Dennis Lo. A Work of Substance was tasked to redesign and rebrand The Fleming Hotel, originally opened in A new take on the architecture, interior,.

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Venice is a porcelain lampshade that quickly turns a simple ceiling light point into a luminaire. Just secure the small safety part onto the wire by adjusting the set screw and place the lampshade over it. This way you will enjoy warm light anywhere in yo

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moreTrees tsumiki 隈研吾の積み木 - FAVOR (出産祝・インテリア雑貨の通販サイト)

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has collaborated with forest conservation organization More Trees to produce Tsumiki Architectural Building Blocks for kids.

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Train Wreck, the Steam Engine Concept Motorcycle - autoevolution .Colby Higgins is a design student in Boston, and Train Wreck is his brainchild: just like the name suggests it, we're dealing with an amazing steam engine bike concept.