Victoria Sponge

helencawtephotography Shooting Peas Scrummy Victoria Sponge - perfect for wedding cake and general eating!

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors, 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO

Rainbow Carrot Mix - seven fancy heirlooms, 350 seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO, crazy colors

天に煌めく天の川をイメージした創作上生和菓子。  素材は涼し気な錦玉羹寄せ。 薄紅、赤紫、青紫、薄青、黄。 細かく刻み込んだ5色の錦玉羹を中にも散りばめました。冷たく甘い寒天が、口の中でこなれていく様も 優しくて美味しい口当たり。キリッと冷やして頂く夏菓子です。


Japanese meal

Japan: Oden - Oden is a Japanese winter dish that typically consists of boiled eggs, radish, konjac, fish cakes and broth. Different households and regions make their own variations by adding fish, beef vegetables or tofu to the hearty hot-pot meal.

Macaron cake! // I would love to do this, but am now such a macaron snob that it'd be hard!

CBS Studios Backlot Wedding by onelove photography

macaroon cake / so cool - customize in wedding colours! Lune: STOP WITH THE WEDDING THING~! Though it IS a nice cake for a wedding, it doesn't have to be for special occasions only.