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news_xlarge_momoirocloverz_jkt201708_limB.jpg (640×640)

画像 : 【テクノ】 Perfume 画像集 【広島県】 - NAVER まとめ

This year, Perfume will be celebrating 15 years since their formation as well as 10 years since their major debut.

2012年10月31日 Popcorn 通常盤

The covers to Arashi's new album Popcorn have been revealed.The new album will be released on October coming in both a regular and limited edition.Popcorn will include 16 tracks, including 5 solo tracks from each of the members.

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*.˚✧ Ulzzang ✧˚.* Go Sang Gil ✧˚.*

You remember Jared? Came back in Korean form!