French photographer Charles Fréger captures the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series : a huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal


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Charles FREGER

Charles Freger "Wilder Mann" series - documenting "wild man" costumes of European pagan tribes.

CHAOSKAMPF | hyperb0rean: In the alpine region, many...

“ In the alpine region, many traditions that predate Christianity are still alive and revered by the local folks. One of them is the “Klausentreiben” during the night of the sixth of.

Strohbären / Straw Bears


Straw bears are driven through the streets of Heldra, Germany. Winter is traditionally driven out with the straw bears in the village on the river Werra on Ash Wednesday.

Wilder Mann

こ・・・これが伝統のある仮装!?ヨーロッパの由緒正しいお祭に登場する仮装を集めた「Wilder Mann

Pagan Costumes of EuropeThese photographs are part of the “Wilder Mann” series by French photographer Charles Fréger. He traveled through 19 European countries to capture what he calls “tribal.

Wilder Mann

こ・・・これが伝統のある仮装!?ヨーロッパの由緒正しいお祭に登場する仮装を集めた「Wilder Mann

via National Geographic: Europe's Wild Men - Photo Gallery Photograph by Charles Fréger SPAIN Juantramposo, a mischief-maker, appears on Mardi Gras in Alsasua. The festival ends with all the participants taking part in a celebratory dance.

Wilder Mann | Charles Fréger This looks like something we could easily make

Wilder Mann | Charles Fréger This looks like something we could easily make

Charles Fréger - Wilder Mann /

"Wilder Mann," is a series by photographer Charles Freger, he traveled through 19 European nations to gather pictures of impressive costumes from pagan rituals

Smultronstället (« Wilder Mann ou la figure du sauvage » de Charles Fréger, éd. Thames & Hudson, avril 2012)

Charles Fréger / wilder Mann serie, 2010 19 Wild Costumes From European Pagan Rituals Still Practiced Today